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			   L________/	README

	Setting Up

To compile LVA you must leave the file structure intact, then open "lva.pwn"
with Pawno and hit the compile button (F5).

Running LVA requires the server to have an LVA compatible SQLite database in your
servers "scriptfiles" folder. There is an LVA compatible SQLite database packaged
with LVA, it is named "lva_gm.db".

"lva.amx" needs to be placed in your servers "gamemodes" directory.

Once you have satisfied these requirements you should be able to start LVA. To
start LVA you must type "changemode lva" into your SA-MP server (remote-)console.

Once you're ingame you probably want to set the level of your account, the system was
designed to allow anyone who is either RCON admin or level 3 or higher to be a
"manager". To set your account to level 3 or higher you must log into RCON and set your
level... RCON is the master level, you should really set your RCON pass to something
obscure and hard to guess/crack once you have set your level. 

	My Word - Respect, Credits

Thank you for downloading "Las Venturas Arena", please be respectful and do
not claim many months of hardwork as your own. Feel free to redistribute a modified
version of this gamemode, but do not remove any names from the credits - feel free
to add yours and other contributers of course though.

The following people have contributed to LVA's source code:

	- adamcs
	- Betamaster
	- BrandonB
	- DracoBlue
	- kenny01
	- LorenXo
	- Mike
	- Peter
	- Simon Campbell
	- Sintax
	- Y_Less

Special thanks goes out to littlewhitey, kyeman and jacob for various
pieces of help and work.

Thank you to the SA-MP development team for persisting in creating a multiplayer
modification for SA-MP. Without your persistance this gamemode would not even exist,
thank you for the effort in creating a free, enjoyable multiplayer modification.

If I have not mentioned your name in the credits and you think you have contributed
greatly to LW_LVDM then feel free to contact me, with the name (real or online handle)
you'd like me to credit with a reason and I'll add it.

	Contact / Support

If you'd like to contact the main author of this gamemode (me - Simon) then
you can contact me using the email address Please
note that I may not respond to all emails and would prefer you got support for
this gamemode in it's official forum topic at the SA:MP forums (


Las Venturas Arena (LVA) is a fork of littlewhitey's Las Venturas Deathmatch.






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