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Generate a PureData patch from an arbitrary math expression. Aka "Static [expr]".
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PureData static [expr]

Experimental and new, please look at the code before using.

Most likely requires some manual tweaking in the generated patch.

See #HACKs and #TODOs in the code for known limitations.

Generate a PureData abstraction that computes a parametric mathematical expression, similar to what [expr] does, only difference is it is made exclusively of standard Pd math objects!

node index.js "a*x*x + b*x + c" > /tmp/expr1.pd



  • Supports basic math operators
  • Inlet for each symbol used
  • No cold/hot inlet, updates on every change (!!?!)
  • Keeps a reference to the original formula in the patch!


  • Auto-position of objects is very rudimentary and will often show overlaps between objects.
  • A constant in the formula placed on a hot or cold inlet will not be triggered! (Fix planned)
  • Basic functions like sqrt(), sin(), cos() aren't supported. (Fix planned)


Recent developments to embedding PureData patches into hardware (see Heavy, Owl Pedal/Modular and Bela) have also meant lowering the capabilities of what a patch can do, due to performance or platform limitations. In many case, one ends up with a limited set of objects and [expr], by being very dynamic in nature, is generally unavailable in these contexts. This little script is one way to soften these limitations.

Ideas for improvements

  • A web version, FooPlot -> Pd patches.
  • An audio signal version.


This code uses pd-fileutils by @sebpiq. Thanks for this!

MathJS is used for parsing the input expression.


  • 0.0.1: Initial rudimentary half-broken version
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