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Biological and vital parameters trajectories visualization tool
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Biological and vital parameters trajectories visualization tool for a sickle-cell disease cohort

Sickle-cell disease is the one of the most common monogenic disorders, resulting from a range of recessive mutations. The inherited mutated variants lead to a defective beta-hemoglobin sub-unit, which predisposes the sickling of erythrocytes. Consequently, these misshaped and rigid red blood cells will, under certain condition, obstruct capillaries, thus inducing acute ischemia to downstream organs and tissues. Such episodes, called vaso-occlusive crisis (VOC), are responsible for acute pain syndromes and ultimately result in increased morbidity and mortality.

The main objective for this study is to describe the behavior of biomarkers and vital parameters throughout a non-complicated VOC hospital stay. The secondary objective is to identify which biomarker(s) and/or vital sign(s) should be monitored in the days following a hospital admission for VOC in order to help identifying stays with high risk of early readmissions after hospital discharge.

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