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Produces text which, on first glance, looks like real, ponderous, prose; replete with clichés.
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Produces text which, on first glance, looks like real, ponderous, prose; replete with clichés.

Example content:

The Aesthetic Of Economico-Social Disposition

"In this regard, the underlying surrealism of the take home message should not 
divert attention from The Aesthetic Of Economico-Social Disposition"
(Humphrey Yokomoto in The Journal of the Total Entative Item (20044U))

On any rational basis, a particular factor, such as the functional baseline, the 
analogy of object, the strategic requirements or the principal overriding programming 
provides an interesting insight into the complementary functional derivation. 
This trend may dissipate due to the mensurable proficiency.

This output can be used in similar way to Lorem ipsum content, in that it is useful for producing text for build software and producing design mockups.

Based on the awesome work by Andrew Clarke outlined in The Waffle Generator.

Code based on SDGGenerators - Red Gate SQL Data Generator Community Generators.

Blazor App

The Blazing Waffles app allows the generation of waffle text online.

Main Package - WaffleGenerator NuGet Status

PM> Install-Package WaffleGenerator


The WaffleEngine can be used to produce Html or text:

var html = WaffleEngine.Html(
    paragraphs: 1,
    includeHeading: true,
    includeHeadAndBody: false);
var text = WaffleEngine.Text(
    paragraphs: 1,
    includeHeading: true);

WaffleGenerator.Bogus NuGet Status

Extends Bogus to use WaffleGenerator.

PM> Install-Package WaffleGenerator.Bogus


The entry extension method is WaffleHtml() or WaffleText():

var faker = new Faker<Target>()
    .RuleFor(u => u.Title, (f, u) => f.WaffleTitle())
    .RuleFor(u => u.Property1, (f, u) => f.WaffleHtml())
    .RuleFor(u => u.Property2, (f, u) => f.WaffleHtml(paragraphs: 4, includeHeading: true))
    .RuleFor(u => u.Property3, (f, u) => f.WaffleText())
    .RuleFor(u => u.Property4, (f, u) => f.WaffleText(paragraphs: 4, includeHeading: false));

var target = faker.Generate();


Waffle designed by Made by Made from The Noun Project

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