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XNA Game Studio Archive

Please consider sponsoring the XNA Game Studio archive using the Github Sponsor button above, we welcome any support.

XNA Game Studio

The Education library from XNA Game Studios, valuable for MonoGame Developers for advanced samples.

Getting Started

If you are new to the archive and want to get started with the sample here. Check out the Getting Started page on the wiki This will tell you what you need to know to open the XNA projects (that haven't been converted yet) in this archive

The archive is now complete and all but two samples can be found here, next step MonoGaming the samples where applicable. (The two missing are Mojapi and Racing Game as their files are too big for GIT. I've downloaded and will source a difference host for the sample files)

If you have comments or suggestions for the archive, please let me know on twitter @SimonDarksideJ or on this site.

XNAGame Studio Archive

The XNA Game Studio archive contains all of the content (over 100 articles, samples and more) from the now retired XNA Educational Library, broken up in to several distinct sections:

  • Complete solutions
  • Shaders and effects
  • Physics and AI
  • Content Pipeline
  • Networking samples
  • Misc Tools / Audio and Assets
  • Assorted documentation
  • Avatar samples
  • Archived (pre XNA 4.0) samples

All the samples are available in both source and include a downloadable zip for the project.

For converting any of the XNA samples to MonoGame, check out the migration guide on the MonoGame Documentation site.

Over time a lot of these samples will be upgraded to MonoGame, or even included in the MonoGame.Samples collection.

Shawn Hargreaves Blog

What should be required reading for any XNA/MonoGame developer is the blog by one of the original developers of the XNA Framework at Microsoft.

Only one set of articles here at the moment, but this should be mandatory reading if you deal with XML!

Ziggyware Archive

Ziggyware was a massive tutorial site back in the day and the place developers went to go to get their daily feed of interesting stuff.

We've grabbed a load of articles from the site, including:

  • C++ tutorials
  • C# tutorials
  • XNA tutorials (even a couple of MonoGame articles too)

Riemer's tutorial series

Riemers was considered the premier tutorial site back in the early days of XNA and its author Riemer Grootjans also wrote several books on advanced programming techniques for XNA.

We have managed to archive the entire site's XNA content (with the exception of his books :D) and are upgrading this to the latest MonoGame version.

Here you will find the following tutorial series

Contribute more

If you find an XNA / MonoGame article that is worth preserving, be sure to drop us an Issue and let us know where to get it as we'll grab it as soon as we can.



The Education library from the Xbox Live Indie games repository, valuable for MonoGame Developers for advanced samples








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