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Create a GraphQL HTTP server with Hapi.
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GraphQL Hapi Plugin

Create a GraphQL HTTP server with Hapi. Port from express-graphql.

npm install --save hapi-graphql


import Hapi from 'hapi';
import GraphQL from 'hapi-graphql';
import {GraphQLSchema} from 'graphql';

const server = new Hapi.Server();
  port: 3000

const TestSchema = new GraphQLSchema({});

  register: GraphQL,
  options: {
    query: {
      # options, see below
    // OR
    // query: (request) => ({
    //   # options, see below
    // }),
    route: {
      path: '/graphql',
      config: {}
}, () =>
  server.start(() =>
    console.log('Server running at:',


The options key of query accepts the following:

  • schema: A GraphQLSchema instance from [graphql-js][]. A schema must be provided.

  • context: A value to pass as the context to the graphql() function from [graphql-js][].

  • rootValue: A value to pass as the rootValue to the graphql() function from [graphql-js][].

  • pretty: If true, any JSON response will be pretty-printed.

  • formatError: An optional function which will be used to format any errors produced by fulfilling a GraphQL operation. If no function is provided, GraphQL's default spec-compliant [formatError][] function will be used.

  • validationRules: Optional additional validation rules queries must satisfy in addition to those defined by the GraphQL spec.

  • graphiql: If true, may present [GraphiQL][] when loaded directly from a browser (a useful tool for debugging and exploration).


During development, it's useful to get more information from errors, such as stack traces. Providing a function to formatError enables this:

formatError: error => ({
  message: error.message,
  locations: error.locations,
  stack: error.stack
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