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salesforce.schema IoC/DI framework

This project is for the evolution of a framework to assist in the management of interfaces and implementations within the platform. And to provide a structured way to find, full fill and instantiate these dependencies at run time.

More information on the development of this framework can be found on my blog

How does this class help me?

Wel all know decoupling our systems is good and systems on the platform are no different - this project should make that process easier for developers to repeat time and time again. As well as hopefully improving the maintainability of the code base.

What's still missing?

Lots of things - at the minute this is very much a starting point.

Who's contributed to this?

So far only I have worked on this project but feel free to fork, join in and see your name in lights just here!

How's it licensed?

The project is licensed under the BSD 2 clause license.