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Monitored Session Erlang

Erlang, but with dynamic monitoring of session types. Check the mse-examples repository for more.

Session types specify the structure of communication between parties. This can be enforced statically in the type system, requiring a substructural linear type system, or monitored dynamically at runtime.

This project aims to implement the work on dynamic monitoring of session types (see Monitoring Networks through Multiparty Session Types, Bocchi et al, 2013; Multiparty Session Types Meet Communicating Automata, Denielou and Yoshida, 2012) with Erlang, largely based on the work on Multiparty Session Actors (Neykova and Yoshida, 2014).

Primary focuses of the project are on examination of the integration of OTP concepts such as supervision, formalisation of the system, and investigating patterns that can't currently be specified.

Essentially, the system is currently a wrapper around gen_server, with monitoring built in.

Session types are written in the Scribble protocol description language.

More documentation to come when everything's finalised.