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Distribution information
The distribution is organized as follows:
|- lib -- libdespotify lives here, and everything else either
| depends on it or will eventually depend on it.
|- bindings -- language bindings are found here, e.g. python bindings
| to libdespotify. they need to be built individually, and
| not using the top level makefile. see bindings/README
| for more information.
\- clients -- here you can find the various stock clients, each in
it's own subdir. most of them are built by the top level
makefile, at least those that need to be built. see
clients/README for more information about the clients.
Despotify developers and other open-source Spotify users hang out
in #despotify on the EFNet IRC network.
Feel free to join us if you've got any questions or run into problems.
See for more information.
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