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Here you can find various clients.

simple    -- This is a simple client used for testing, with a CLI.
             It will be installed by default, as despotify-simple
             Remote control via a local TCP-port is possible
despotify -- This is an ncurses client with vim-like key bindings
             It will installed by default, as despotify
maemify   -- GTK or Maemo 4 (Nokia N810 Internet Table) GUI client
             Not built by default
gateway   -- This is a REST gateway to the spotify servers, i.e. it
             interfaces HTTP requests with spotify. (like a bridge)
PHP       -- This isn't a standalone client, per se, but a PHP class
             that simplifies communication with the gateway.

For building on Debian/Ubuntu, you need to install the following packages:
  aptitude install libssl-dev zlib1g-dev libvorbis-dev libtool

For audio output you need to pick one of the below packages to install
  # Audio with GStreamer backend (default)
  aptitude install libgstreamer-plugins-base0.10-0 libgstreamer0.10-dev

  # Audio with libao backend
  aptitude install libao-dev

  # Audio with PulseAudio backend (has a known issue with playing next song)
  aptitude install libpulse-dev

Which audio back is selected is controlled via the file src/
That file is created from src/ when make is run.
Uncomment the audio backend you would like to use in
  ## Choose audio backend
  LINUX_BACKEND = gstreamer
  # LINUX_BACKEND = pulseaudio
  # LINUX_BACKEND = libao

The following extra packages are required to build despotify on Mac OS X
  ncurses openssl zlib libvorbis expat

They can be installed from MacPorts or manually.
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