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Website and blog of Simon Mayerhofer. Powered by GatsbyJS.
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Simon Mayerhofer's website

Built with Gatsby

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Visit it at

How to add a blog post

  1. Create a new folder in src/blog. The name of the folder is going to be the slug of the page.
  2. Create a file named inside of this folder. Use markdown to format the post.

Possible frontmatter variables

To add some variables to the post like the date or a SEO description use the following format at the very top of the markdown file:

title: 'Title of the blog post'
date: '2015-05-28T22:40:32.169Z'
description: 'This is a custom description for SEO and Open Graph purposes, rather than the default generated excerpt. Simply add a description field to the frontmatter.'
featuredImage: './featured-image.jpg'

Content of the blog post goes here...

Add images to the blog post

If you want to add a image simply put it in the same folder like file and link it in your blog post: ![Image Description](./image.jpg).

To add a featured image add the featuredImage variable to the frontmatter.

Note: the featured image should be 1024px wide. It's displayed with 1024px so save space by scaling it down if necessary.

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