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It would be nice to be able to register a function with Flask-Flatpages that adds information to the Page Metadata. This function will parse information out of some meaningful file name.

Providing a means to register a function allows the developer to choose what type of file naming convention best suits there project (or none at all).

Several static site generators use naming conventions and it is a handy feature in my mind. When you have a lot of posts in one directory, naming conventions can give you a predictable time based order when sorted by characters.

I am trying to port my blog efforts from a static site generator that uses this type of naming convention methodology and I do not want to have to port the date information in the naming convention into the yaml metadata.

This method is an idea for allowing users of Flask-Flatpages to easily adapt naming convention information into the page meta.


Interesting proposition, will think about in few next days


I'm not quite sure what you're trying to achieve, but does something like this work for you?

pages = FlatPages(app)

for page in pages:
    page.meta["moddate"] = datetime.utcfromtimestamp(os.path.getmtime(
                     *os.path.split(page.path + FLATPAGES_EXTENSION))))

This merely illustrates how to add something to a Page's meta information. I'm however uncertain if this is something that should be done to a cached property.


Moved to 1.0 milestone as not sure about exact way to implement this in 0.6

@playpauseandstop playpauseandstop modified the milestone: 1.0, 0.6 Feb 9, 2015
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