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WeasyPrint changelog
Version 0.10
Released on 2012-06-25.
* Add ``get_png_pages()`` to the public API. It returns each page as
a separate PNG image.
* Add *WeasyPrint Navigator*, a web application that shows WeasyPrint’s
output with clickable links. Yes, that’s a browser in your browser.
Start it with ``python -m weasyprint.navigator``
* Add support for `vertical-align: top` and `vertical-align: bottom`
* Add support for `page-break-before: avoid` and `page-break-after: avoid`
* Bug fixes
Version 0.9
Released on 2012-06-04.
* Relative, absolute and fixed positioning
* Proper painting order (z-index)
* In PDF: support for internal and external hyperlinks as well as bookmarks.
* Added the ``tree`` parameter to the ``HTML`` class: accepts a parsed lxml
* Bug fixes, including many crashes.
Bookmarks can be controlled by the ``-weasy-bookmark-level`` and
``-weasy-bookmark-label`` properties, as described in `CSS Generated Content
for Paged Media Module <>`_.
The default UA stylesheet sets a matching bookmark level on all ``<h1>``
to ``<h6>`` elements.
Version 0.8
Released on 2012-05-07.
* Switch from cssutils to tinycss_ as the CSS parser.
* Switch to the new cssselect_, almost all level 3 selectors are supported now.
* Support for inline blocks and inline tables
* Automatic table layout (column widths)
* Support for the ``min-width``, ``max-width``, ``min-height`` and
``max-height`` properties, except on table-related and page-related boxes.
* Speed improvements on big stylesheets / small documents thanks to tinycss.
* Many bug fixes
.. _tinycss:
.. _cssselect:
Version 0.7.1
Released on 2012-03-21.
Change the license from AGPL to BSD.
Version 0.7
Released on 2012-03-21.
* Support page breaks between table rows
* Support for the ``orphans`` and ``widows`` properties.
* Support for ``page-break-inside: avoid``
* Bug fixes
Only avoiding page breaks before/after an element is still missing.
Version 0.6.1
Released on 2012-03-01.
Fix a packaging bug. (Remove use_2to3 in We use the same
codebase for Python 2 and 3.)
Version 0.6
Released on 2012-02-29.
* *Backward incompatible*: completely change the Python API.
See the documentation:
* *Backward incompatible*: Proper margin collapsing.
This changes how blocks are rendered: adjoining margins "collapse"
(their maximum is used) instead of accumulating.
* Support images in ``embed`` or ``object`` elements.
* Switch to pystacia instead of PIL for raster images
* Add compatibility with CPython 2.6 and 3.2. (Previously only 2.7
was supported)
* Many bug fixes
Version 0.5
Released on 2012-02-08.
* Support for the ``overflow`` and ``clip`` properties.
* Support for the ``opacity`` property from CSS3 Colors.
* Support for CSS 2D Transforms. These are prefixed, so you need to use
``-weasy-transform`` and ``-weasy-transform-origin``.
Version 0.4
Released on 2012-02-07.
* Support ``text-align: justify``, ``word-spacing`` and ``letter-spacing``.
* Partial support for CSS3 Paged Media: page size and margin boxes with
page-based counters.
* All CSS 2.1 border styles
* Fix SVG images with non-pixel units. Requires CairoSVG 0.3
* Support for ``page-break-before`` and ``page-break-after``, except for
the value ``avoid``.
* Support for the ``background-clip``, ``background-origin`` and
``background-size`` from CSS3 (but still with a single background
per element)
* Support for the ``image-rendering`` from SVG. This one is prefixed,
use ``-weasy-image-rendering``. It only has an effect on PNG output.
Version 0.3.1
Released on 2011-12-14.
Compatibility with CairoSVG 0.1.2
Version 0.3
Released on 2011-12-13.
* **Backward-incompatible change:** the 'size' property is now prefixed (since
it is in an experimental specification). Use '-weasy-size' instead.
* cssutils 0.9.8 or higher is now required.
* Support SVG images with CairoSVG
* Support generated content: the ``:before`` and ``:after`` pseudo-elements,
the ``content``, ``quotes`` and ``counter-*`` properties.
* Support ordered lists: all CSS 2.1 values of the ``list-style-type`` property.
* New user-agent stylesheet with HTML 5 elements and automatic quotes for many
languages. Thanks Peter Moulder!
* Disable cssutils validation warnings, they are redundant with WeasyPrint’s.
* Add ``--version`` to the command-line script.
* Various bug fixes
Version 0.2
Released on 2011-11-25.
* Support for tables.
* Support the `box-sizing` property from CSS 3 Basic User Interface
* Support all values of vertical-align except top and bottom. They are
interpreted as text-top and text-bottom.
* Minor bug fixes
Tables have some limitations:
Only the fixed layout and separate border model are supported.
There are also no page break inside tables so a table higher
than a page will overflow.
Version 0.1
Released on 2011-10-28.
First packaged release. Supports "simple" CSS 2.1 pages: there is no
support for floats, tables, or absolute positioning. Other than that
most of CSS 2.1 is supported, as well as CSS 3 Colors and Selectors.
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