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Good-bye Flask-FlatPages.

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+title: Who wants to maintain Flask-FlatPages?
+published: 2012-09-27
+tags: [web-development, flask]
+summary: >
+ I stopped using Flask-FlatPages on this site and I most likely won’t
+ work on it anymore. Anyone wants to take over and maintain the project?
+I made both [Frozen-Flask]( and
+[Flask-FlatPages]( at the same
+time when I built the current iteration of this website. If I were to do
+it again I would make Frozen-Flask exactly the same, it is close to perfect.
+But I would not make a library like Flask-FlatPages at all.
+There is not much in Flask-FlatPages itself: it’s mostly glue around
+YAML, Markdown and Pygments. While a library should be generic and configurable
+to accommodate all kinds of use case, Flask-FlatPages is just at the level
+where each application will make different choices: not quite this directory
+structure, slightly different parameters for Markdown, …
+As a result, Flask-FlatPages has more configuration and abstractions than
+actually useful code. (Not to mention a cache with weird invalidation rules.)
+My own needs on this blog are actually much more modest then everything the
+library can do: one page at `/about/`; everything else at `/<year>/<name>/`
+where `<year>` is a four-digit integer.
+So after using and maintaining Flask-FlatPages for a while, I just don’t
+like it. So I [refactored this site](
+to not use it anymore. I have ~50 lines of app-specific code that does
+what it needs to and no more, instead of a ~200 lines lib that needs to
+be tested, packaged and maintained. I am very satisfied with the result.
+I did added caching (invalidated by the files’s modification time) because
+it was easy, but even that is overkill.
+But apparently some people do use Flask-FlatPages, and actually like it!
+I don’t really want to work on it anymore, but I won’t throw it away either.
+If anyone wants to take over and maintain the project, please let me know and
+I will gladly give them PyPI and Github access. Otherwise I guess the project
+will continue stagnating. I will be discussing this on the
+[Flask mailing-list](

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