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+title: "tinycss: a new CSS parser for Python"
+published: 2012-04-05
+tags: [kozea, weasyprint]
+public: true
+summary: |
+ I made [tinycss](, a new free software
+ CSS parser for Python. It is extensible, well-documented, well-tested
+ and fast. It replaces cssutils in both WeasyPrint and CairoSVG.
+I’m happy to announce the firt release of tinycss!
+I captured it best in the README, so here it is:
+> *tinycss* is a complete yet simple CSS parser for Python. It supports the
+> full syntax and error handling for CSS 2.1 as well as some CSS 3 modules:
+> * Selectors 3 (can also find matching elements in a [lxml](
+> document)
+> * CSS Color 3
+> * CSS Paged Media 3
+> It is designed to be easy to extend for new CSS modules and syntax.
+> Quick facts:
+> * Free software: BSD licensed
+> * Compatible with Python 2.6+ and 3.x
+* Latest documentation [on](>)
+> * Source, issues and pull requests
+> [on Github](
+> * Releases [on PyPI](
+> * Install with `pip install tinycss`
+It now replaces [cssutils]( in both
+[WeasyPrint]( and [CairoSVG](
+Sorry, Christof!
+cssutils has served us very well. It allowed me to skip entire chapters
+of the CSS specifications when I started WeasyPrint a year ago, and get
+started quickly. The source is quite readable and well documented.
+cssutils is overall a very nice project.
+However, patching cssutils to add support for the CSS 3 `@page` syntax
+turned out to be more painful than − I think − it should have been.
+The parser is somehow interleaved with the various data structures.
+cssutils also has some hard-to-fix performance issues.
+(Accessing a selector goes through the whole stylesheet every time to
+look for `@namespace` rules.)
+So, as thankful as I am to [Christof Höke]( for his
+work cssutils and for his support and collaboration with me, it was time
+for something simpler.
+I started working on tinycss with a very clear idea of what I wanted:
+keep the implementation straightforward, and make it easy to extend for
+new syntax. After a few days of hacking I had a mostly working prototype that
+was already quite fast. I ended up adding optional
+[Cython]( accelerators. The process of profiling
+and optimizing for speed was very interesting, but it is a whole other story.
+This [micro-benchmark](
+(parsing and traversing a small stylesheet 20 times on my laptop)
+probably does not mean much, but the results certainly look nice:
+ $ python -m tinycss.tests.speed
+ tinycss + speedups 119 ms
+ tinycss WITHOUT speedups 174 ms 1.46x
+ cssutils 928 ms 7.80x
+As for extending, adding syntax is a matter of writing a subclass of
+`CSS21Parser` and overriding some methods. In fact, CSS 3 modules in
+tinycss are implemented precisely this way. Doing so ensure that extending
+is viable, and that the required hooks are included.
+I then spent a lot more time getting the details right, polishing the API,
+writing documentation, and updating WeasyPrint to use this new parser.
+I’ve now got to a point where I am very satisfied with the project.
+From this 0.1 version, I will try not to change the user API without a
+good reason. (Although such reasons will probably come up sooner or later :)
+For future versions I plan on adding parser support for
+[Media Queries]( and
+[CSS Namespaces](, as well as maybe
+adding the selectors that are missing in
+I hope you’ll like cssutils too. Keep me posted if you do anything interesting
+with it (or any of my projects!)
+Have a look at the [tinycss documentation](
+ and go from there.
@@ -166,10 +166,12 @@ hr:before {
{{ pygments_style_defs('tango') }}
-.codehilite {
+.codehilite, blockquote {
background-color: #eee;
margin: 0 -20px;
padding: 5px 20px 5px 15px;
border-left: 5px solid #888;
+.codehilite {
line-height: normal;

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