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Invited export at W3C’s CSSWG.

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+title: Invited Expert at W3C’s CSSWG
+published: 2012-09-17
+tags: [weasyprint, W3C]
+public: true
+summary: |
+ I just joined [W3C’s *CSS Working Group*](
+ as an *Invited Expert*.
+Making WeasyPrint lead me to the CSS specifications and
+the [www-style]( mailing-list
+a lot. For almost a year now I’ve been asking questions about the specs,
+sometimes reporting bugs and suggesting changes.
+A few weeks ago at the most unexpected of times, I got an invitation from
+[Daniel Glazman]( himself.
+It’s now official: I’ve joined the [CSS Working Group](
+ at W3C! This means that I’ll get to work on
+CSS specifications. Which is … a bit like before, but the difference is huge
+in terms of recognition.
+![(Picture of 'The Internet' from 'The IT Crowd')](The_Internet.jpg
+"W3C is kind of the real word equivalent of 'The Elders of the Internet'")
+Back to work! *124 unread www-style messages.*
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**Update 2012-09-17**:
I think the talk was a success although I forgot a few details. The slides
-are below (or <a href="embedder.html#slides.html">fullscreen</a>), with notes
+are below (or [fullscreen](embedder.html#slides.html)), with notes
paraphrasing what I said “on stage”.
The talk and slides were in French (this is PyCon<strong>FR</strong>,
after all) but you, dear international reader, get the English ones.

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