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Read packets in a specific format instead of blocks or lines.
Author: Simon Sapin
License: BSD
import logging
class PacketReader(object):
A packet is made of:
* A 2-bytes delimiter
* One byte: packet length as an unsigned char
* A variable-size payload
The length include its own byte, but not the delimiter: The length for
3 bytes of payload is 4.
This reader registers itself to the `loop` EventLoop to read from
`serial_port`. `callback` is called with the payload of each read packet.
Non-packets data (between the end of a packet according to its length and
the next delimiter) is dropped.
The blocking code for reading these packets is much simpler, but with this
reader we can react to other events in the same EventLoop.
def __init__(self, loop, serial_port, callback, max_block_size=1024):
self.port = serial_port
self.callback = callback
self.in_packet = False
self.dropped_bytes = 0
loop.push_back_reader(serial_port, max_block_size)(self.new_block)
def new_block(self, data, push_back):
assert data, 'End-of-file reached on the serial port. Should not happen'
while 1:
if not self.in_packet:
result = self.find_packet_delimiter(data)
if result is None:
# No delimiter yet.
dropped = len(data)
# The following half-delimiter thing only works if len==2
assert len(self.PACKET_DELIMITER) == 2
if data[-1] == self.PACKET_DELIMITER[0]:
# Could be the first half of a delimiter
dropped -= 1
# Wait for more data
# Packet starts here
data = result
self.in_packet = True
if not data:
result = self.read_packet(data)
if result is None:
# Not enough data yet. Push-back everything.
# Finished this packet.
self.in_packet = False
data = result # remaining data
if data:
# We still have some data after this packet.
# Loop and start parsing the next packet.
def find_packet_delimiter(self, data):
assert data
delimiter_position = data.index(self.PACKET_DELIMITER)
except ValueError:
# No delimiter here :(
return None
packet_start = delimiter_position + len(self.PACKET_DELIMITER)
# Packet content (including the length byte) starts here:
return data[packet_start:]
def read_packet(self, data):
`data` begins just after a packet delimiter
length = ord(data[0])
# The length includes the length byte itself, so it's at least 1.
assert length >= 1
if len(data) < length:
# Not enough data yet
return None
packet = data[1:length] # skip length byte
remaining_data = data[length:]
return remaining_data
def _log_dropped_bytes(self, amount):
assert amount >= 0
self.dropped_bytes += amount
if amount > 0:'Dropped %i non-packet bytes', amount)