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Simon Woolf

Young [programmer|maths geek|physics geek]. As of June, full-time developer in Econsultancy's tech team. Experienced mostly with Ruby-based stacks (sinatra & rails), but very happy to work with any technology that'd be fun to learn. Email me at to talk about anything, though I'm afraid I'm unable to take on freelance work while at Econsultancy.

A pdf version of this CV (with corresponding LaTeX source) can be downloaded above.


website · [email]( your CV on github) · twitter

Selection of projects and freelance work

Disability Update Sudoku Websandbox
Website and case archive for Monika Sobiecki and Spencer Keen's Disability Discrimination Update, done on contract. Source publicly available by their kind permission. Source Sudoku webapp. Just for fun (done at Makers). Neat recursive solver/generator, guaranteed to generate puzzles with a unique solution. Source 'Html-&-css made fun' app. Everyone has their sandbox. Click an element for a pop-up that lets you edit its HTML and CSS. Fully versioned & revertable. Done at Makers. Source
Markov text generation Data analytics with dc.js Terminal-paint
Markov generation with an interactive twist - coming soon! Client-side data processing with crossfilter and dc.js, for DirtJockey. (Private client work, no source) Basic terminal pixel painting program, done as a test at Makers to create a product from spec. Source

Languages & skills

Ruby – Multiple projects, including webapps in Rails and Sinatra. My current favourite language

Python – Various computational mathematics scripts and electromagnetic field lines visualisation project, as part of my degree

Unix – Used Linux in various forms since uni, mostly debian-based distros. Poor to middling bash scripter — I tend to go to ruby or python for any more than trivial scripts

Miscellanious webdevjavascript (& jQuery ), HTML / CSS. Tend to like using preprocessors for most of those (coffeescript, haml, sass/scss, and the like) for big rails projects

Maths & Physics – In addition to my degree, have tutored A-level maths and physics in my spare time for a few years now

Miscellanious – LaTeX. Vim user (vimmer? vimist? vimian?), but haven't yet got up the courage to properly learn vimscript. Dabbled in Java to make an Android app I wanted, but wasn't a big fan

Of course, very happy to learn new things not in this list :)


2006 – 2010 University of Cambridge

BA MSci, Mathematics With Physics Took the three year Mathematics BA (in first year, also took the Physics part of the NatSci tripos), followed by the fourth year of the NatSci Physics MSci.

2011 – 2013 Queen Mary, University of London

Law LLB Sidetrack into a Law conversion course. Got excellent results (and was a quarter-finalist in the ESU national moot), but luckily realised that I wanted to be a programmer rather than a lawyer before going too far down that road.

2013 – 2014 Makers Academy

Intensive twelve-week programming & web development course. Teaches programming best practices (TDD, software design, version control, agile), using ruby with sinatra, rails, HTML and CSS, javascript & jQuery, etc. Took it to get a firm grounding of programming & webdev essentials, and get rid of all the bad habits I'd built up doing scientific programming...


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