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Simperium for Android

Trying to make using Simperium in your Android app dead simple.

Using in an Android Project

Simperium for Android is configured as an Android Library Project.


To get started first clone the project:

git clone

Simperium Android uses Android Studio and gradle for development.


Please provide unit tests for your contributions. Run tests with gradle:

./gradlew connectedAndroidTest

Unit tests use a mock networking and storage stack so that different components can be tested in isolation. The unit tests should not connect to any external services.

Publish to S3

A new version of this library will be automatically published to S3 by CI in the following scenarios:

Note: sha1 corresponds to the commit hash.

  • For all tags -> Version: {tag-name}
  • For all commits in trunk (so PR merges) -> Version: trunk-{sha1}
  • For all commits for open PRs - you can open a draft PR to get it to publish -> Version: {prNumber}-{sha1}


Adding simperium as dependency

implementation 'com.automattic:simperium:<version>'