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+# [SMF](
+[![Build Status](](
This is a SMF 2.1 development repository.
The software is licensed under [BSD 3-clause license](
Contributions to documentation are licensed under [CC-by-SA 3]( Third party libraries or sets of images, are under their own licenses.
Feel free to fork this repository and make your desired changes.
Please see the [Developer's Certificate of Origin]( in the repository:
by signing off your contributions, you acknowledge that you can and do license your submissions under the license of the project.
-######Branches organization:
+##Branches organization:
* ***master*** - is the main branch, only used to merge in a "final release"
* ***development*** - is the branch where the development of the "next" version/s happens
* ***release-2.1*** - is the branch where bug fixes for the version 2.1 are applied
-######How to contribute:
+##How to contribute:
* fork the repository. If you are not used to Github, please check out [fork a repository](
* branch your repository, to commit the desired changes.
* sign-off your commits, to acknowledge your submission under the license of the project.
* It is enough to include in your commit comment "Signed-off by: " followed by your name and email address (for example: `Signed-off-by: Angelina Belle <>`)
* an easy way to do so, is to define an alias for the git commit command, which includes -s switch (reference: [How to create Git aliases](
* send a pull request to us.
-######How to submit a pull request:
+##How to submit a pull request:
* If you want to send a bug fix for the version 2.1, send it to the branch ***release-2.1***
* If you want to send a new feature, use the branch ***development***
* You should never send any pull request against the master branch
For more informations, the ideal branching we would like to follow is the one described in [this article](
Please, feel free to play around. That's what we're doing. ;)
-######Security matters:
+##Security matters:
Lastly, if you have a security issue you would like to notify us about regarding SMF - not just for 2.1, but for any version -
please file a [security report]( on our website:

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