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Image proxy - drops images, fsocket/curl restrictions #5172

sbulen opened this Issue Nov 25, 2018 · 7 comments


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sbulen commented Nov 25, 2018


I just picked 21 random http: images from my forum. With the proxy off, all 21 show. In 2.0, with the proxy ON, 19 show & 2 are dropped. But in 2.1, with the proxy ON, 14 show & 7 are dropped... I see at least 4 different symptoms on the 7 items dropped. ("dropped" means not displayed at all.) I've confirmed this on WAMP & on Linux.

This one is odd, host headers are strange...

This image is not properly cached or displayed in 2.0.15 nor in 2.1.

Steps to reproduce

Test link:

Environment (complete as necessary)

  • Version/Git revision: today's
  • Database Type: mysql
  • Database Version: 5.7
  • PHP Version: 5.6

Additional information/references

@live627 live627 added this to the RC 2 milestone Nov 25, 2018


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sbulen commented Nov 25, 2018

I just noticed that this image works fine on my 2.1 WAMP server, but not on my unix server. There's a clue in there somewhere...


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sbulen commented Nov 26, 2018

What is strange about this image is this: the header comes back with an http status of 200... BUT... It returns an https image. So, a redirect is occurring internally, without a 301/302/307 & new location. (You can simply click on the link above & inspect the headers to confirm this...)



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jdarwood007 commented Nov 27, 2018

Tested and it is sending a proper 301, but does send it in a weird way in which I wonder if the library is misdirecting the hostname.

$ telnet 80
Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.
HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently
Date: Tue, 27 Nov 2018 04:39:32 GMT
Server: Apache
Location: https:///datas/users/8418-nopickupslespaul.jpg
Cache-Control: max-age=2592000
Expires: Thu, 27 Dec 2018 04:39:32 GMT
Vary: Accept-Encoding
Content-Length: 254
Connection: close
Content-Type: text/html; charset=iso-8859-1
Set-Cookie: PH_HPXY_CHECK=s1; path=/
Cache-control: private

<title>301 Moved Permanently</title>
<h1>Moved Permanently</h1>
<p>The document has moved <a href="https:///datas/users/8418-nopickupslespaul.jpg">here</a>.</p>
Connection closed by foreign host.

A wget shows it properly redirecting.

$ wget
--2018-11-26 20:38:32--
Connecting to||:80... connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 301 Moved Permanently
Location: [following]
--2018-11-26 20:38:36--
Connecting to||:443... connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK
Length: 59685 (58K) [image/jpeg]
Saving to: ‘8418-nopickupslespaul.jpg’

8418-nopickupslespaul.jpg                        100%[=========================================================================================================>]  58.29K   378KB/s    in 0.2s

2018-11-26 20:38:37 (378 KB/s) - ‘8418-nopickupslespaul.jpg’ saved [59685/59685]

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sbulen commented Nov 27, 2018

Everything looks good on my local WAMP server & matches the above.

My linux server is hosted thru a different provider & has zero luck with that photo. The sockets attempt fails on a connection refused. (This photo only....)

My suspicion is that my host is blacklisted by the provider for that site for fsockets & curl. I've seen similar things before, with different hosts. Usually just a temporary issue until they sort it out.

Image links in posts work, but the image proxy won't work under these circumstances for those photos. So you enable the proxy & the images disappear.

The solution is pretty simple, actually - to treat it the same way we treat files that are too large to cache, just do the redirect.

@sbulen sbulen referenced a pull request that will close this issue Nov 27, 2018


If it cannot be cached, fall back to redirect #5175


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sbulen commented Nov 29, 2018

Here's another image with similar behavior. This one fails on both my WAMP & linux servers:


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sbulen commented Nov 30, 2018

Notes on the above:

  • The photobucket image doesn't exist anymore. Normally photobucket sends you a dummy replacement image telling you so. Those informative replacement images disappear with the proxy enabled.
  • The gitare item only fails on some servers (only one of my two)
  • The other 2 fail on both of my servers

@sbulen sbulen changed the title from Image proxy - drops image, reason really unknown... to Image proxy - drops images, fsocket/curl restrictions Nov 30, 2018

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