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SMF 3.0 Simple Machines Forum, www.simplemachines.org

License: BSD 3-clause license. Please see the license file for details.

Included third party software is under their respective licenses.

This repository will hold the rewriting of SMF 3.0. For the moment, it holds a few example files. They are to be implemented in personal repositories and merged here.


Feel free to fork this repository and make your desired changes.

Please see the Developer's Certificate of Origin in the repository: by signing off your contributions, you acknowledge that you can and do license your submissions under the license of the project.

######How to contribute:

  • fork the repository. If you are not used to Github, please check out fork a repository.
  • branch your repository, to commit the desired changes.
  • sign-off your commits, to acknowledge your submission under the license of the project.
  • an easy way to do so, is to define an alias for the git commit command, which includes -s switch (reference: How to create Git aliases)
  • send a pull request to us.