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欢迎使用SMN服务Python SDK。SMN服务Python SDK 能简化你使用SMN服务的复杂程度。SMN的使用说明请查阅SMN的SDK使用说明

Welcome to use the SMN Services Python SDK. SMN Services The Python SDK simplifies the complexity of your use of SMN services.smn instructions for use, please refer to SMN's SDK instructions

Install step:

  1. Download sdk package in dist dir, that is
  2. Unzip the package, then auto generate dir smn-sdk-python-1.0.0 in current dir.
  3. cd into smn-sdk-python-1.0.0
  4. exectue python install

Example for use sdk to send SMS:

You can open the smn-sdk-python-example/, config the domain_name/password, and the region_id which sign_id belong, sms sign_id, phoneNumber; then run the demo, it will send a sms message to the phoneNumber. The command is,