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Apply Data Engineering to Build ETL & NLP Machine Learning Pipelines and Create an App for Disaster Relief using Flask
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Disaster Response Pipeline with Figure Eight

Apply Data Engineering to Build ETL & NLP Pipelines and Create an App for Disaster Relief using Flask

In this project, I am applying Data Engineering & Data Science skills to analyze disaster data from Figure Eight to build a model for an API that classifies disaster messages.

The project contains data set containing real messages that were sent during disaster events. I am creating a machine learning pipeline to categorize these events so that it can be sent to an appropriate disaster relief agency.

Project includes a web app where an emergency worker can input a new message and get classification results in several categories. The web app displays visualizations of the data.

There are three components in this project.

  1. ETL Pipeline A Python script,, a data cleaning pipeline that:

Loads the messages and categories datasets Merges the two datasets Cleans the data Stores it in a SQLite database

  1. ML Pipeline A Python script,, a machine learning pipeline that:

Loads data from the SQLite database Splits the dataset into training and test sets Builds a text processing and machine learning pipeline Trains and tunes a model using GridSearchCV Outputs results on the test set Exports the final model as a pickle file

  1. Flask Web App
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