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SimplixStorage - A Library to store data in a better way.

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Do you want to save your config files easily and independently from Bukkit or BungeeCord?
Want to do more than just use simple .yml files to store data?
Are you looking for a powerful "bukkitlike" (Very similar to Bukkit config) library to store data in files?

Then this library is just right for you.

I was looking for a library that I could use to store data with Bukkit like methods without being depended on Bukkit/BungeeCord. But there was nothing out there, so I decided to write my own library. Of course there are a few libraries with bukkitlike methods but no one has the features that I need. ThunderBolt-2 for example only supports Json files but does not support nested objects. Now I'm publishing this library because I think libraries of high quality should be publicly available for everyone. Now it is here: SimplixStorage!

SimplixStorage is extremely fast & good at storing data reliably!
It also supports nested objects!
Like bukkit it has a contains check. SimplixStorage is licensed under the Apache2 license, which means that you can also use it in private projects that are not open source.

If you have any ideas to add or issues just open a issue page. I will do my best to help.
For more details, see the wiki

Supported data types

At the moment SimplixStorage supports three file types:


A very fast and slim file format. It is much faster than yaml files and is therefore better suited for storing larger amounts of data, such as player data (rank, money, playtime, etc).


Yaml files are not as fast as json files, but they are easier to read and are therefore more suitable than configuration files, as you often find them in bukkit plugins in the form of "config.yml".


Toml is a compromise between the readybility of Yaml and the performance of Json, thus being a quite good way to go.

Library's used:

SimplixStorage uses a powerful combination of libraries to provide the best usability:

MIT-org.json Copyright (c) 2002
YAMLBEANS - Copyright (c) 2008 Nathan Sweet, Copyright (c) 2006 Ola Bini
TOML-Lib - Copyright (c) 2016 Guillaume Raffin.