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Simply Love for SM5 - v4.8.5

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This is the v4.8.5 release of Simply Love for StepMania 5. It is a nice little update that focused on bug fixes, code cleanup, internal documentation, and smaller new features.

Please note that this requires StepMania 5.0.12 or StepMania 5.1-beta. Future releases of SM5.1 should also work fine.

Older versions of SM5 are not supported. SM5.2 is not supported.


The release notes for previous releases read like short novels. These will attempt to be more concise.

Language Support

  • Simply Love was translated to Japanese by @FMS-Cat.
  • Simply Love was translated to German by @TheNick451.
  • The existing Brazilian Portuguese translation was updated by @zerinho6.
  • The existing French translation was updated by Okami.

Japanese translation

language support

New Stuff

  • A Test Input overlay is available from SelectMusic's "SortMenu" (only in Event Mode).
  • A Test Input pane is available during Evaluation (only in Event Mode and only if DedicatedMenuButtons are enabled).
  • The font used to display the Combo and MeasureCounter in gameplay can now be customized.
  • The SelectProfile screen now has a "GUEST" account which will let players proceed without choosing a profile.
  • There is a new Visual Style with assets contributed by Frums and TheGalagaShip.

new stuff

Bug Fixes

  • @Kauhsa fixed a bug that had caused some NPS density graphs to draw outside their boundaries.
  • @teejusb fixed a bug that had caused Subtractive Scoring to sometimes be incorrect by 0.01%
  • @mutesauce provided new title screen graphics to fix kerning issues present in the Wendy font.
  • @DinsFire64 added an idle timeout to ScreenTitleJoin to prevent public arcade machines from sitting on that single screen for too long if there is no player interaction.
  • SelectProfile has been fixed to work with Pay mode and not just let players through for free. (I'll note that USB profiles make more sense for public arcade machines.)
  • Autogenerated courses should no longer cause Lua errors on Evaluation Summary.
  • Name entry for HighScores in Event Mode should work (maybe).
  • Local profiles should no longer be auto-assigned to a player that latejoins in Event Mode.
  • The Chart Parser now works with TLOES Chapter 1/Mirage Garden...
  • Additional error-checking (as in, even more than before) is performed on NoteSkins before trying to show previews of them in PlayerOptions. Looking at you, "smx" NoteSkin that got widely distributed throughout the community.
  • Simply Thonk is still broken if you have your VideoRenderer set to d3d (Windows only), but the theme now warns you about this and forces you to either change your VideoRenderer or your Visual Style.

Noteworthy Changes

  • "Competitive" mode has been renamed to ITG.
  • "ECFA" mode has been renamed to FA+.
  • There is no longer a Simply Love Option for TimingWindowAdd. It is now hardcoded to be 0.0015 in Casual, ITG, and FA+ modes, and hardcoded to be 0 in StomperZ.

For Other Developers

  • More than 700 new inline comments were added throughout the theme as part of the ongoing efforts to tame and document this mess.
  • Some of the FIXME: inline comments from the previous release were fixed, and new ones have taken their places. Overall, they remain great places to start if you are interested in contributing.


Thanks to FMS-Cat, TheNick451, zerinho6, Okami, Kauhsa, teejusb, mutesauce, DinsFire64, Frums, and TheGalagaShip for helping to make this release possible.

Simply Love Acknowledgments

Change Summary

For a full summary of changes between v4.8.4 and v4.8.5, check GitHub's comparison of the two.