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A simple thesaurus extension for Chrome - double click a word to find synonyms, antonyms and more. (Beta)


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Simply Synonyms

❗ I am currently in the process of refactoring and redesigning the extension for a v1 release (see branch v1-dev). Until then, this extension will not be updated any more (except when critical bug fixes are needed). If you would like to help test a v1 release candidate when it's ready, please contact me.

A lightweight thesaurus extension for Chrome - double click any word to find synonyms, antonyms, and other useful information. Install from the Chrome Web Store.

The extension simply uses a content script that injects the popup and double-click listener into every page. The node.js API processes data from the Dictionary API (and other sources) for the extension to fetch.

Powered by the Merriam-Webster dictionary API.

Feature roadmap


  • simply-synonyms contains the source code for the extension. It uses Webpack and Babel to bundle the content scripts, popup and background script into a single file each and ensure that they are compatible with the latest versions of Chrome.

  • backend contains the Firebase functions and firestore config for the Simply Synonyms API.

  • email-templates contains MJML templates for Simply Synonyms emails. All emails are sent using Mailgun.

The website code is here.


Contributions are always welcomed! Please see for details.


Simply Synonyms is licensed under GPL-3.0 and as such, usage/modifcation/distribution of any files in this extension must be in accordance with /LICENSE. The extension itself will remain open-source for the foreseeable future (probably forever), and the core API will likely remain open-source as well.