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SimplyRETS API Examples
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SimplyRETS API Examples

A collection of examples showcasing usage of the SimplyRETS API.

Getting Started

All examples are self-contained

From the command line:

$ chromium ./interactive-map-search/index.html`

If you want to serve an example, you can use

For example, to serve the interactive-map-search example, you can:

$ ruby -run -ehttpd interactive-map-search/ -p8000

The example above requires Ruby 1.9.2+

Then, simply type localhost:8000 in your browser.

Interactive Map Search

The directory interactive-map-search uses Leaflet, OpenStreetMap, and jQuery to allow interactively searching a map. The test data is located in Houston.

More resources

The SimplyRETS API can be accessed from and tool or language that can make HTTP requests. Use the examples in this repo to get started, or check out some of the other resources and documentation:

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