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SimplyRETS Ruby SDK (Beta)

Deprecation Notice: This SDK is deprecated and will not receive any future updates. The recommended workflow is to use the API directly, or generate an SDK for your use-case from the Swagger Spec

The official Ruby SDK for the SimplyRETS Listings API.

SimplyRETS provides a modern and simple interface for building robust applications and websites with Real Estate data.

You can view the full API Documentation here.


Clone the repo or install the simplyrets gem:

$ git clone


$ gem install simplyrets

Quick Start

Here’s a quick example to set up the client and make a request:

%w(rubygems simplyrets).each {|lib| require lib}
%w(rubygems simplyrets).each {|models| require models}

require "simplyrets"

SimplyRetsClient.configure do |config|
  config.username = 'simplyrets'
  config.password = 'simplyrets'

# all properties
listings =
p listings

See the examples.rb file for more examples on how to call the api with query parameters.

Additional Info

View the complete interactive API on the docs page. Here you can find all the available query parameters and the complete response body. You can even see the URL made for that request.


For support regarding the API or bugs in the SDK, can contact us at support (at) simplyrets (dot) com - or leave an issue on the Github page!

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