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Flying Microsoft Flight Simulator Mouse-Free using touch screen instruments built on Air Manager

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Our goal is to be able to offer flight simmers a quality collection of Air Manager (AM) instruments to enable a more realistic mouse and keyboard-free simulation experience. Through the use of touch screens and the optional Knobster from Sim Innovations, you can have a fully interactive cockpit without requiring the use of a mouse in flight. We build these instruments for our own use for our personal cockpits. But we've decided to share our work with the public free of charge so every AM user can benefit from our labour. Ultimately, we want to have our instruments included in the AM community store (free to users with a valid license, of course) so that they're readily available directly from within the application. This GitHub repo won't be the download source, but will remain the hub around which we develop new instruments, collaborate with other community members who wish to participate in development, and test released before submitting to the AM Store.
NOTE - While the download and use of our instruments is free, AM is paid software available at We are not associated with Sim Innovations in any way and cannot provide users with AM nor can we provide any technical support for AM. No warranties for our work are provided or implied. Our instruments hosted in this repo are offered as-is and are used at the end user's own risk

Ambient Light Dimmer

Ambient Light Dimmer Main Page

Aircraft Instrument Categories

This is a list of the different aircraft in MSFS 2020 that we currently have working instruments for.

At the current time, we don't provide complete panel layouts, just individual instruments. Each person will have a different setup with a different number of monitors in different sizes. Preset panels that work for us won't necessarily work for you. You can use the instruments provided to build a layout that works for you.
(click to view instruments for this plane)
Plane image
Aerosoft Bombardier CRJ
A32NX (FlyByWire)
Airbus A320 (Fenix)
Beechcraft Bonanza G36
Beech H35 (BRSimDesigns)
Cessna 152
Cessna 172
includes both G1000 and steam gauge variants
Cessna 310R (Milviz)
Cessna 414AW Chancellor (FlySimWare)
Cessna Citation CJ4 drawing
Cirrus SF50 Vision Jet G2 (FlightFX)
Cirrus SR22
Daher Kodiak (SimWorks Studios)
Generic Instruments
This section contains generic instruments and controls that can be used in a wide variety of aircraft and aren't aircraft-specific.
HJet by Marwan Gharib / FlightFX
This section contains instruments for the HJet by Marwan Gharib / FlightFX.
Mooney M20R Ovation (Carenado)
Piper Arrow Series
TBM 930

Examples of Air Manager Panel Layouts

These panels are not available for download. These layouts are just examples of possible layouts combining our instruments with other instruments from the AM community store or other shared repos.

Aircraft Preview
Cessna Citation CJ4
Cessna 172 G1000
Cessna 172 Classic
Beechcraft Baron
Mooney M20R - modern cockpit layout with dual G5 and GTN750


See the open issues for a list of proposed features (and known issues).


Panel Names should not have spaces. When Export out of AirManger remove the "-" that AirManager Exporter puts in between the Plane Name and Model.


A collection of quality Air Manager instruments built by flight sim enthusiasts for our own personal home cockpits, but shared with the community at large.






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