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An dexterity content add-on for Plone to track Corruption Issues
Due to the lack of opposition, corruption is now entrenched in the
Malaysian system. Abuse of funds, conflict of interests in project
awards, bribery and kick backs are rampant. Despite being highlighted in
yearly government audits by the Auditor General, most of these cases are
never investigated and the practice of corruption continues. Citizens of
Malaysian want better accountability for reported corruption cases to
make more informed decisions when voting for the right representatives
for government.
* Find and track the current resolution of reported corruption issues.
Was action taken? Was it verified? Were those involved persecuted?
Was the sentence acceptable?
* See reports about the financial impact of corruption costs.
* See breakdown of different issues eg. financial, abuse of
* Find the people involved and how many cases have been
reported against them
* Find out under which government
(coalitions/political parties) the corruption issues
* Follow issues of interest, and be notified when status of a case has
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