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(Potential) Features for 0.09
Row/find caching - would be pretty useful
- Need to have good definitions of when the cache should be queried and when invalidated
- Be able to supply own expiry?
- Be able to invalidate manually? Single item / entire cache / single table
Remove compose_connection /
- Everyone has probably forgotten what this is anyway..
Syntax improvements?
- "as" to "alias" ?
- "belongs_to" to "contains/refers/something"
Using inflated objects/references as values in searches
- should deflate then run search
SQL/API feature complete?
- proper join conditions!
- function calls on the LHS of conditions..
Moosification - ouch
Metamodel stuff - introspection
Prefetch improvements
- slow on mysql, speedup?
- multi has_many prefetch
Magically "discover" needed joins/prefetches and add them
- eg $books->search({ '' => 'Fred'}), autoadds: join => 'author'
- also guess aliases when supplying column names that are on joined/related tables
Storage API/restructure
- call update/insert etc on the ResultSource, which then calls to storage
- handle different storages/db-specific code better
- better cross-db code .. eg LIKE/ILIKE
- single vs filter, discrepancies.. remove one of them and make behave the same?
Joining/searching weird attribute tables?
- Support legacy/badly designed junk better..
Documentation - improvements
- better indexing for finding of stuff in general
- more cross-referencing of docs