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Added patch from Ted Carnahan to rel docs

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1 parent 8de06d8 commit a693b31929e01324a4c8e51e52caf59781dcf071 @castaway castaway committed Nov 16, 2006
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@@ -308,9 +308,11 @@ And, for the reverse relationship, from Role to Actor:
My::DBIC::Schema::Role->many_to_many( actors => 'actor_roles', 'actor' );
-Creates accessors bridging two relationships; not strictly a relationship in
-its own right, although the accessor will return a resultset or collection of
-objects just as a has_many would.
+Many_to_many is not strictly a relationship in its own right. Instead, it is
+a bridge between two resultsets which provide the same kind of convenience
+accessors as true relationships provide. Although the accessor will return a
+resultset or collection of objects just like has_many does, you cannot call
+C<$related_resultset> and similar methods which operate on true relationships.
In the above example, ActorRoles is the link table class, and Role is the
foreign class. The C<$link_rel_name> parameter is the name of the accessor for

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