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Revision history for Email-Sender
0.120002 2012-09-11 14:43:07 America/New_York
added shift_deliveries to the Test transport, for treating the
sent messages like a queue of things to inspect
0.120001 2012-07-19 16:28:01 America/Los_Angeles
no changes from 0.120000, just marked as stable release
0.120000 2012-05-08 20:53:43 America/New_York
This release deprecates the scalar context behavior of:
* Failure->recipients
* Failure::Multi->failures
* Failure::Multi->recipients
* Transport::Test->deliveries
* Transport::Failable->failure_conditions
Until now, these methods returned a list in list context and
an array reference in scalar context. This still works, but
scalar context calls will now generate a warning. In one
year (2013-05), they will be become fatal.
0.110005 2012-03-05 21:37:35 America/New_York
binmode output handle to avoid line ending munging in Mbox and
Maildir; thanks, Christian Walde!
0.110004 2012-02-21 17:47:35 America/New_York
import the "Bcc" page from the (otherwise empty) github wiki; this
adds some information to the QuickStart page about why Bcc support
isn't there and why this isn't a bug
0.110003 2012-02-01 15:09:52 America/New_York
add the add_lines_header and add_envelope_headers attributes to
Maildir transports
0.110002 2012-01-31 17:02:35 America/New_York
Maildir deliveries now have a ->filename method to tell you just
where the mail was delivered
0.110001 2011-04-03 16:32:15 America/New_York
prevent Test::MinimumVersion test from causing a requirement on T::MV
and, thus, PPI! Thanks for the report, Matt S. Trout!
0.110000 2011-03-17 21:40:36 America/New_York
provide a much clearer and more fatal error when SASL authentication
has failed because Authen::SASL or MIME::Base64 is not available
0.102370 2010-08-25 08:37:22 America/New_York
remove spurious prereq on Sys::Hostname::Long (thanks ABH)
tweak some tests for truth/definedness in SMTP transport
0.102360 2010-08-24 07:47:24 America/New_York
avoid the need to use "excludes" in role application; this silences
warnings with Moose 1.10
0.101760 2010-06-25 08:18:26 America/New_York
fix sendmail.t with latest Capture::Tiny (Justin Hunter)
0.100460 2010-02-15 12:58:18 America/New_York
avoid using AutoPrereq, as it brings in build_requires as requires
0.100450 2010-02-14 17:55:48 America/New_York
allow timeout option to SMTP transport
0.100110 2010-01-11 10:43:57 America/New_York
Email::Sender::Failure is now a Throwable::Error
now uses Try::Tiny for internal exception handling
0.093380 2009-12-04 12:29:55 America/New_York
bump Moose prereq to 0.70 based on feedback from ANDK
0.093110 2009-11-07
allow uppercase env vars to set transport attributes (charsbar)
add "message" attribute to successes returned by SMTP transports
0.092840 2009-10-10
fix packaging error
0.092820 2009-10-09
improve reliability of t/sendmail.t (thanks, Mark Grimes)
0.091940 2009-07-12
packaging fixes (EU:MM version for LICENSE param) rt #47817
0.091930 2009-07-12
add some more common sendmail locations to default search
0.091870 2009-07-06
exclude unwanted methods from Email::Sender::Transport
to suppress a new warning from Moose role composition
0.091740 2009-06-23
no code changes
remove prereq of Test::More 0.88; weird things happened
0.091661 2009-06-15
Email::Sender::Simple has been added, along with a manual
Email::Sender is now a role
Email::Sender::Transport is now a role, too; subclasses will break
0.004 2009-03-24
require perl5 version 8
move to Moose; let's not mess around, the Moose/Mouse stuff is not
worth the minor savings
0.003 2009-03-12
Sendmail transport now uses 2-arg open on Win32 so it can work at all
Win32-friendly tests added for Sendmail by the ever-awesome DAGOLDEN
0.002 2009-01-31
fix minor documentation errors
0.001 2009-01-02
SQLite transport split into its own dist, removed from this
QUIT when ending a transmission in non-persist SMTP
0.000 2008-12-10
first CPAN demo release; It Probably Works!