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After adding TravisYML to my dzil plugin bundle, on dzil release of that package I'm now seeing the following:

t/release-consistent-version.t .. Detected current environment to be in "author mode" but couldn't load all
modules. Missing (author) modules were:

  autovivification indirect multidimensional

You should install these modules via CPAN, but these modules are not
required by your users (unless you add them to your META file).

Google tells me that this message appears to be from this package :) How do I use TravisYML without seeing these warnings?


Hmmm... too many levels of indirection for this message. It should appear if you're using sanity directly, but not exactly if you're just using a module of mine that is using santiy.

As a workaround, go ahead and install the modules, but I'll keep this bug open and figure out how best to fix it.


Ahhhh, strictures is doing this a little smarter than me with a caller check:


I'll emulate that behavior.


Cut a new version of sanity. Unfortunately, provide deps will need to be changed on the other modules. For now, you can just download a new version of sanity.

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Thanks! :)

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