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Prestashop Quality Checklist Opquast

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Accessibility, referencing, performance, navigation, mobile, video, security... good web practices gathered in the reference checklist for web professionals!

This Prestashop extension allows you to obtain the 240 criteria of Opquast's Web Quality checklist in your Prestashop back-office.

You can tick the compliant, non-compliant or non-applicable criteria of your shop and thus get a complete view of the level of compliance of your site with Opquast's web quality criteria.

This extension was created by Constantin Boulanger, technical director of the MDWeb agency, with the participation of Élie Sloim, president and founder of Opquast and via the original idea of Jb Audras who created the WordPress version of this checklist.

Opquast's good practices are offered under a Creative Commons BY-SA licence. The means of control and implementation are made available under Creative Commons BY-NC-SA licence.