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Facebook app domain #125

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Maybe similar to issue #117

While trying out Singly, Facebook would complain about the redirect_uri :

   "error": {
      "message": "Invalid redirect_uri: Given URL is not allowed by the Application configuration.",
      "type": "OAuthException",
      "code": 191

using a url of:

This continued until I changed my App Domain on my Facebook app page to point to If this is indeed required, some info on how to set up Facebook(I think Twitter works the same - and may even be more restrictive) to play nice with Singly should be put into the documentation.


Does and cover what you are looking for? These docs are linked from the app management page where you enter your keys, but it's likely that they should be expanded and/or more widely linked.


Ahh. There it is. I think it might be helpful if they were linked to somewhere in the documentation instead of just on the app management page. Even in that page, it doesn't seem like it is prominent enough and there is no notification to the effect of "When you're setting the callback url in all these services, you need to point it to this Singly url" since I'm guessing almost all these services have similar setups. Already having API keys for the services, I didn't even notice that link.

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Thanks for the feedback, @h1srf. Out of curiosity, can you remember three places you looked in the documentation when you were trying to figure this out? Those are the three places I want to add pointers :)

  1. The authorization page
  2. I think that the app management page should have something at the top or something more noticeable notifying users that there needs to be a special setting for the callback url.
  3. I also think in the documentation list on the left side of the api page should have a section on configuring the various services to work with Singly
  4. I also looked at the facebook service page for info but nothing was there either

Awesome, thank you - we'll get some links up in those places and find some way to feature the docs on our Facebook page.

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