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Disable or remove push from /push/upsert endpoint #161

PatrikLythell opened this Issue Jan 9, 2013 · 1 comment

2 participants


It seems to me easier to update/upsert service by service than posting a new list every time a user updates their prefs. However posting a new list is the only way I can see of removing push notifiactions for a user.

Is there a way of disabling/removing a push notification using the /push/upsert endpoint?

I could of course just subscribe to all pushes and then ignore the ones I don't want on our side. But that seem like unnecessary work for both our servers.

Any thoughts on this?

jparkrr commented Jan 10, 2013

Good point. This is definitely something we will add in the future.

To kind of mimic the effect you can /upsert to a previously existing filter with a blank url, which will disable it with the error "invalid destination url"

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