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Simple python client to Singly API


Getting started

You must first create a Singly app at

Enter the client ID and client secret you are given in a file named (by modifying

If you are just testing, you can now run from a command line python An error is expected. Copy and paste the authenticate callback URL into your browser, and authenticate twitter. Copy and paste the URL you are redirected to (something like http://localhost:9999/?code=YMfFfovaCwlDKw-fNzcMVL) as MY_CODE_URI in your Run python again and you should see raw json data returned in the terminal.

For this library to work in production, you must set up MY_AUTHENTICATE_CALLBACK to redirect to the authenticate callback URL, and then you must listen for a response at your local callback URL (by default http://localhost:9999, set in the Singly object's initializer) and return the URL w/ code from within MY_AUTHENTICATE_CALLBACK.

If you need help please chat with us at or email

License: See