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  • [COOK-1127] - update defaults to latest version
  • [COOK-1222] - support installing "latest" version
  • [COOK-1271] - Wordpress cookbook generates new password on every chef run


  • [COOK-826] - recipe doesn't quote password string


  • [COOK-534] - allow server_aliases to overridden by an attribute
  • [COOK-799] - fixed disables .htaccess breaking permalink feature
  • [COOK-820] - guard with check for chef-solo in our cookbooks


  • [COOK-406] - wp-config.php.erb has wrong CRLF encoding
  • Dropping explicit support for Red Hat platforms due to issues in php and mysql cookbooks (COOK-603, COOK-672, COOK-816, COOK-679)


  • [COOK-435] Don't set the mysql root user password in wordpress cookbook
  • [COOK-535] - recursively create the directory
  • RHEL/CentOS/Fedora support (yeah!)
  • cleaned up node attribute keys
  • cleaned up
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