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name "wordpress"
maintainer "Barry Steinglass"
maintainer_email ""
license "Apache 2.0"
description "Installs/Configures WordPress"
long_description, ''))
version "1.0.0"
recipe "WordPress", "Installs and configures WordPress LAMP stack on a single system"
%w{ php openssl }.each do |cb|
depends cb
depends "apache2", ">= 0.99.4"
depends "mysql", ">= 1.0.5"
%w{ debian ubuntu }.each do |os|
supports os
attribute "WordPress/version",
:display_name => "WordPress download version",
:description => "Version of WordPress to download from the WordPress site or 'latest' for the current release.",
:default => "latest"
attribute "WordPress/checksum",
:display_name => "WordPress tarball checksum",
:description => "Checksum of the tarball for the version specified.",
:default => ""
attribute "WordPress/dir",
:display_name => "WordPress installation directory",
:description => "Location to place WordPress files.",
:default => "/var/www/wordpress"
attribute "WordPress/db/database",
:display_name => "WordPress MySQL database",
:description => "WordPress will use this MySQL database to store its data.",
:default => "wordpressdb"
attribute "WordPress/db/user",
:display_name => "WordPress MySQL user",
:description => "WordPress will connect to MySQL using this user.",
:default => "wordpressuser"
attribute "WordPress/db/password",
:display_name => "WordPress MySQL password",
:description => "Password for the WordPress MySQL user.",
:default => "randomly generated"
attribute "WordPress/keys/auth",
:display_name => "WordPress auth key",
:description => "WordPress auth key.",
:default => "randomly generated"
attribute "WordPress/keys/secure_auth",
:display_name => "WordPress secure auth key",
:description => "WordPress secure auth key.",
:default => "randomly generated"
attribute "WordPress/keys/logged_in",
:display_name => "WordPress logged-in key",
:description => "WordPress logged-in key.",
:default => "randomly generated"
attribute "WordPress/keys/nonce",
:display_name => "WordPress nonce key",
:description => "WordPress nonce key.",
:default => "randomly generated"
attribute "WordPress/server_aliases",
:display_name => "WordPress Server Aliases",
:description => "WordPress Server Aliases",
:default => "FQDN"