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* File: omDebug.h
* Purpose: declaration of common Debug/Check/Track stuff
* Author: (Olaf Bachmann)
* Created: 7/00
#ifndef OM_DEBUG_H
#define OM_DEBUG_H
#if defined(OM_NDEBUG) || ! defined(OM_HAVE_TRACK)
#define omIsTrackAddr(addr) 0
#define omIsTrackAddrPage(page) 0
#define omIsNormalBinPageAddr(addr) omIsBinPageAddr(addr)
#define omIsBinAddrTrackAddr(addr) 0
#define omIsTrackAddrBinPage(bin_page) ((bin_page)->used_blocks < 0)
#define omIsBinAddrTrackAddr(addr) omIsTrackAddrBinPage(omGetBinPageOfAddr(addr))
#define omIsTrackAddr(addr) (omIsBinPageAddr(addr) && omIsBinAddrTrackAddr(addr))
#define omIsNormalBinPageAddr(addr) (omIsBinPageAddr(addr) && !omIsBinAddrTrackAddr(addr))
#if defined(OM_NDEBUG)
#define omMarkAsStaticAddr(addr) ((void)0)
#define omMarkMemoryAsStatic() ((void)0)
#define omUnMarkAsStaticAddr() ((void)0)
#define omUnMarkMemoryAsStatic() ((void)0)
#define omFreeKeptAddr() ((void)0)
#define omPrintUsedAddrs(fd,m) ((void)0)
#define omPrintUsedTrackAddrs(fd,m) ((void)0)
#define OM_FBIN 1 /* size_bin is bin */
#define OM_FSIZE 2 /* size_bin is size */
#define OM_FUSED 4 /* is in use, if set */
#define OM_FKEPT 8 /* had been freed, if set */
#define OM_FSTATIC 16 /* if set, considered to be static, i.e. never be freed */
#define OM_FZERO 32 /* for Alloc0 */
#define OM_FALIGN 64 /* for AllocAligned */
#define OM_FSLOPPY 128 /* be sloppy about arguments */
#define OM_FBINADDR 256 /* addr is bin addr */
#define OM_FKEEP 512 /* addr is never really freed */
/* maximal flag: OM_FBIN and OM_FSIZE can not be at the same time,
and so can't OM_USED and OM_KEPT. Hence 1024 - BIN - USED*/
#define OM_FMAX 1024 - OM_FBIN - OM_FUSED
typedef unsigned short omTrackFlags_t;
void* _omDebugAlloc(void* size_bin, omTrackFlags_t flags, OM_CTFL_DECL);
void* _omDebugRealloc(void* old_addr, void* old_size_bin, void* new_size_bin,
omTrackFlags_t old_flags, omTrackFlags_t new_flags, OM_CTFL_DECL);
void _omDebugFree(void* addr, void* size_bin, omTrackFlags_t flags, OM_CFL_DECL);
void* _omDebugMemDup(void* addr, omTrackFlags_t flags, OM_CTFL_DECL);
char* _omDebugStrDup(const char* addr, OM_TFL_DECL);
omError_t _omDebugBin(omBin bin, OM_CFL_DECL);
omError_t _omDebugMemory(OM_CFL_DECL);
omError_t _omDebugAddr(void* addr, void* bin_size, omTrackFlags_t flags, OM_CFL_DECL);
void omFreeKeptAddr();
void omPrintUsedAddrs(FILE* fd, int max_frames);
void omPrintUsedTrackAddrs(FILE* fd, int max_frames);
void omMarkAsStaticAddr(void* addr);
void omMarkMemoryAsStatic();
void omUnMarkAsStaticAddr(void* addr);
void omUnMarkMemoryAsStatic();
#endif /* ! OM_NDEBUG */
#ifdef OM_NDEBUG
#define omSetCustomOfAddr(addr,value) ((void)0)
#define omGetCustomOfAddr(addr) ((void*)0)
#define omSetCustomOfTrackAddr(addr,value) ((void)0)
#define omGetCustomOfTrackAddr(addr) ((void*)0)
void omSetCustomOfTrackAddr(void* addr, void* value);
void* omGetCustomOfTrackAddr(void* addr);
#define omSetCustomOfAddr(addr,value) \
do{if (omIsTrackAddr(addr)) omSetCustomOfTrackAddr(addr,value);}while(0)
#define omGetCustomOfAddr(addr) \
(omIsTrackAddr(addr) ? omGetCustomOfTrackAddr(addr) : NULL)
#endif /* OM_NDEBUG */
#endif /* OM_TRACK_CUSTOM */
#if defined(OM_NDEBUG) || ! defined(OM_HAVE_TRACK)
#define omGetUsedBlocksOfPage(page) (page->used_blocks)
#define omGetUsedBlocksOfPage(page) ((long)(page->used_blocks & ~(((unsigned long) 1) << (BIT_SIZEOF_LONG -1))))
#ifndef OM_NDEBUG
extern void* om_KeptAddr;
extern void* om_LastKeptAddr;
extern unsigned long om_MaxAddr;
extern unsigned long om_MinAddr;
extern void* om_AlwaysKeptAddrs;
void omFreeKeptAddrFromBin(omBin bin);
* omDebugCheck.c
omError_t omCheckPtr(const void* ptr, omError_t report, OM_FLR_DECL);
omError_t _omCheckAddr(void* addr, void* size_bin, omTrackFlags_t flags, char check,
omError_t report, OM_FLR_DECL);
omError_t omDoCheckBinAddr(void* addr, void* bin_size, omTrackFlags_t flags, char level,
omError_t report, OM_FLR_DECL);
omError_t _omCheckBin(omBin bin, int normal_bin, char check, omError_t report, OM_FLR_DECL);
omError_t _omCheckMemory(char check, omError_t report, OM_FLR_DECL);
omError_t omReportAddrError(omError_t error, omError_t report, void* addr,
void* bin_size, omTrackFlags_t flags,
OM_FLR_DECL, const char* fmt, ...);
omError_t omDoCheckBin(omBin bin, int normal_bin, char level,
omError_t report, OM_FLR_DECL);
void omIterateTroughAddrs(int normal, int track, void (*CallBackUsed)(void*), void (*CallBackFree)(void*));
void omIterateTroughBinAddrs(omBin bin, void (*CallBackUsed)(void*), void (*CallBackFree)(void*));
omError_t omDoCheckAddr(void* addr, void* bin_size, omTrackFlags_t flags, char level,
omError_t report, OM_FLR_DECL);
int omIsInKeptAddrList(void* addr);
* omDebugTrack.c
extern omBin_t om_StaticTrackBin[];
extern omBin om_Size2TrackBin[];
#define omSmallSize2TrackBin(size) om_Size2TrackBin[((size) -1)>>LOG_SIZEOF_OM_ALIGNMENT]
extern omBinPage om_JustFreedPage;
extern void omFreeTrackAddr(void* addr);
extern size_t omOutSizeOfTrackAddr(void* addr);
extern omSpecBin om_SpecTrackBin;
void* omAllocTrackAddr(void* bin_size, omTrackFlags_t flags, char track, OM_FLR_DECL);
void* omMarkAsFreeTrackAddr(void* addr, int keep, omTrackFlags_t *flags, OM_FLR_DECL);
omError_t omCheckTrackAddr(void* addr, void* bin_size, omTrackFlags_t flags, char level,
omError_t report_error, OM_FLR_DECL);
void omPrintTrackAddrInfo(FILE* fd, void* addr, int max_frames);
omBin omGetOrigSpecBinOfTrackAddr(void* addr);
size_t omOutSizeOfTrackAddr(void* addr);
extern int omIsStaticTrackAddr(void* addr);
#define omSetTrackOfUsedBlocks(ub) (ub |= (((unsigned long) 1) << (BIT_SIZEOF_LONG -1)))
#define omUnsetTrackOfUsedBlocks(ub) (ub &= ~(((unsigned long) 1) << (BIT_SIZEOF_LONG -1)))
#define omIsSetTrackOfUsedBlocks(ub) (ub & (((unsigned long) 1) << (BIT_SIZEOF_LONG -1)))
#define omIsStaticTrackAddr(addr) 0
void* omAddr_2_OutAddr(void* addr);
* omBinPage.c
int omIsKnownMemoryRegion(omBinPageRegion region);
omError_t omCheckBinPageRegion(omBinPageRegion region, int level, omError_t report, OM_FLR_DECL);
omError_t omCheckBinPageRegions(int level, omError_t report, OM_FLR_DECL);
omBinPageRegion omFindRegionOfAddr(void* addr);
int omIsAddrOnFreeBinPage(void* addr);
* Some Handy Macros
#define omCheckReturn(cond) \
do {omError_t _status = cond; if (_status) return _status;} while (0)
#define omCheckReturnError(cond, error) \
do {if (cond) return omReportError(error, report, OM_FLR_VAL, "");} while (0)
#define omCheckReturnCorrupted(cond) \
omCheckReturnError(cond, omError_MemoryCorrupted)
#define omAddrCheckReturn(cond) \
do \
{ \
omError_t _status = cond; \
if (_status && (_status != omError_MaxError)) \
{ \
_omPrintAddrInfo(stderr, _status, addr, bin_size, flags, 10, " occured for"); \
return _status; \
} \
} while (0)
#define omAddrCheckReturnError(cond, error) \
do {if (cond) return omReportAddrError(error, report, addr, bin_size, flags, OM_FLR_VAL, "");} while (0)
#define omAddrCheckReturnCorrupted(cond) \
omAddrCheckReturnError(cond, omError_MemoryCorrupted)
#define omFreeKeptAddrFromBin(bin) ((void)0)
#endif /* ! OM_NDEBUG */
#endif /* OM_DEBUG_H */
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