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#ifndef MAPS_IP_H
#define MAPS_IP_H
* Computer Algebra System SINGULAR *
* ABSTRACT - the mapping of polynomials to other rings
#include <misc/auxiliary.h>
#include <polys/matpol.h>
#include <kernel/structs.h>
#include <kernel/ideals.h>
#include <kernel/polys.h>
poly pSubstPoly(poly p, int var, poly image);
poly pSubstPar(poly p, int par, poly image);
ideal idSubstPoly(ideal id, int n, poly e);
ideal idSubstPar(ideal id, int n, poly e);
* maps the expression w to res,
* switch what: MAP_CMD: use theMap for mapping, N for preimage ring
* //FETCH_CMD: use pOrdPoly for mapping
* IMAP_CMD: use perm for mapping, N for preimage ring
* default: map only poly-structures,
* use perm and par_perm, N and P,
BOOLEAN maApplyFetch(int what,map theMap,leftv res, leftv w, ring preimage_r,
int *perm, int *par_perm, int P, nMapFunc nMap);
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