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SNGLS DAO Project Call 6 Notes

Meeting Date/Time: Thursday Sep 19, 2019 at 15:00 GMT

Meeting Duration: 1 hour

GitHub Agenda Page

Audio/Video of the meeting

Moderator: Troy Murray

Scribe: Dragos Rizescu

Attendees: Zach LeBeau, Milad Mostavi, Dragos Rizescu, Cezar Paraschiv, Bogdan Burcea, Jack Cheng, Eric Chan & Troy Murray


Website Launch

  • Oct 2nd?
  • Feels like we are a week behind and we need to keeping pushing
  • Things are moving forward
  • Flagshit Video Concept: Explain the DAO, media distribution protocol, & how BREAKER sits on top of it
  • Jack needs to send over content structure

Progress on BREAKER dapp translated to Chinese

  • WIP, planned for this sprint
  • Jack will need to send over the translated content

Discussion with Vlad Suciu in Cluj: How can the "average joe" use the token if they aren't doing content mining?

  • Looking at ways to incentives using the token
  • Having the token makes it so you won't have to pay the protocol transaction fee or application transaction fee
  • Should it be protocol layer or application layer?
  • PROs of Protocol layer implimentation
    • allows the feature to be driven to all UIs that are built on top of the protocol
    • Will also create another parameter that the DAO will have control over as the amount you will need to hold will be voted on by the DAO.
  • CONs of Protocol layer implimentation
    • Could hurt the tokenomics of the system, but there could be more than enough liquidity being driven to the DAO treasury through other means.
  • Business Models: Like BNB or IDEX coin on exchanges where you don't have to pay an exchange rate on the exchanges if you hold the token
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