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Raquet Game Engine

Raquet Game Engine -- Logo by Chris S.
Lightweight SDL Engine made for Sinislosion Projects, and also free (as in free speech AND free beer) Game Engine/Framework to speed up SDL development while also providing tools to make games resembling those from the computers of yesteryear.



  1. First install the necessary dependencies
    Debian Linux:
    sudo apt-get install clang sdl2-devel libsdl2-mixer-dev
    Arch Linux:
    sudo pacman -S clang sdl2 sdl2_mixer
  2. Run the shell file


You'll need to use either Windows, Debain Linux, or WSL (Untested, but should work)

  1. If you're on Linux, start with compiling wclang, and edit the file to use wclang instead of MSYS2
  2. On Windows, download MSYS2
  3. Run MSYS2 MINGW64
  4. Run the shell file


  • "2A03_Kevvviiinnn-Superfusion.wav" exported from Famitracker's demo included songs is licensed under the GPL v2.0 and was created by symfonikev
  • Everything else is licensed under the WTFPL
  • Palette is "Digital Prime" by FirebrandX at and used with permission