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  • Added New Attributes (JsonAttribute, TimeAttribute etc...)
  • Internationalisation support for Select2.
  • Support for nested arrays on menuItem urls.
  • Various BugFixes.
  • Helper methods.
  • Merged some old pull requests.
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Finally we are delivering a release that integrates the AdminLte layout with bug fixes and some new features. The project is backwards compatible with the v9.2 releases (still supporting php7.2 and upwards).

New Features:

  • Colors Management
    a. State Colors based on AdminLte
    b. Automatic border color calculation
    c. Automatic text color based on the background color.

  • Menu Component:
    a. Now Is possible to declare the menu items within a menu class. It can add HeaderItem, ActionItem, SeparatorItem ecc..
    b. Every item is fully configurable through php methods
    c. Automatic calculation of the title if no icon provided for a MenuItem.
    d. Automatic active menu item management.

  • Other fixes and changes.

We have tested this release on our systems and everything seems resolved, anyway haven't covered all the use cases as this requires more time and resources. We recommend trying this release in development and testing it before going in production mode.
If you find any bugs or want to contribute please feel welcome.

Team Sintattica

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Support for PHP >= 7.2
Updated Style with AdminLTE
Added Menu Component support