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CombatLogX API

This is the API module for CombatLogX.
You can use it to create new expansions or to check stuff with your own plugin.

Maven Repository

A lot of developers use maven to build projects more easily.

Repository: SirBlobman Public

    <!-- SirBlobman Public Repository -->

Dependency: CombatLogX API

    <!-- CombatLogX API -->


A list of events and their uses can be found in the com.github.sirblobman.combatlogx.api.event package.
You can see more information about them below:

  • PlayerCombatTimerChangeEvent: Triggered every tick while a player is in combat (useful for updating timers)
  • PlayerPreTagEvent: Triggered before a player gets tagged. (cancellable)
  • PlayerTagEvent: Triggered when a player gets tagged into combat (not cancellable).
  • PlayerReTagEvent: Triggered when a player already has a timer, but they are tagged again. (cancellable)
  • PlayerUntagEvent: Triggered when a player gets out of combat.
  • PlayerPunishEvent: Triggered when a player is going to be punished for logging out (cancellable).

Other API Uses

CombatLogX has many uses, but some common examples are provided below.
Good luck with your coding!

Example 01: Check if a player is in combat.

public boolean isInCombat(Player player) {
    // You need to ensure that CombatLogX is enabled before using it for anything.
    ICombatLogX plugin = (ICombatLogX) Bukkit.getPluginManager().getPlugin("CombatLogX");
    ICombatManager combatManager = plugin.getCombatManager();
    return combatManager.isInCombat(player);