Asynchronous email client for your terminal
C CMake


aerc is a work in progress asyncronous email client for your terminal. Join the IRC channel (#aerc on


Very WIP


aerc has, or at least will have, several advantages over mutt:

  • Networking in a seperate thread and doesn't lock up the UI
    • It's easier on the network in general, only fetches the resources it needs
    • As a result it's much faster than mutt in general
    • Uses lightweight message passing based on stdatomic.h
  • Has a better system for keybindings and better initial keybindings
  • Syntax highlighting for patches and integrated tools for git and mailing lists
  • Uses an external pager to render emails
  • Integrated address book and tab completion for contacts
  • Supports multiple accounts
  • Better PGP support, out of the box
  • Easier to configure

Compiling from Source

Install dependencies:

  • libtsm
  • termbox
  • openssl (optional, for SSL support)
  • cmocka (optional, for tests)

Run these commands:

mkdir build
cd build
sudo make install

Copy config/* to ~/.config/aerc/ and edit them to your liking.