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Click here if you just want to read the code

An IRC bot written in brainfuck.


I've included a simple brainfuck interpreter that uses a TCP connection for input and output.

You can probably run this through a regular old brainfuck interpreter and do some crazy shit to wire it up to a TCP connection, but I didn't feel like it. You can probably make something work with socat.

You can use the custom bf interpreter like this:

netfuck hostname:port path/to/

For example, to connect the bot to freenode, use this:


If you use netfuck on Linux or Mac, you need to install mono and prefacae every command with mono, for instance, mono netfuck.exe hostname:port path/to/

Then, to get it into your favorite channel, use this from IRC:

/msg bfbot J #channelname

Included Programs

A couple of simple C# programs are included.

  • bf.exe: A simple brainfuck interpreter.
  • netfuck.exe: A brainfuck interpreter that uses TCP for input/output.
  • asciitodec.exe: Converts an ASCII string to decimal to make my life easier


Current capabilities of the bot:

  • Connect to IRC, respond to PING and such
  • When PRIVMSGed with "J #channelname", it joins #channelname
  • In-channel, use "$message" to have "message" echoed back to you