i3-compatible Wayland compositor
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"SirCmpwn's Wayland compositor" is a work in progress i3-compatible Wayland compositor. Read the FAQ. Join the IRC channel (#sway on irc.freenode.net).

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From Packages

Sway is available in many distributions. Try installing the "sway" package for yours. If it's not available, check out this wiki page for information on installation for your distributions.

If you're interested in packaging Sway for your distribution, stop by the IRC channel or shoot an email to sir@cmpwn.com for advice.

Compiling from Source

Install dependencies:

  • cmake
  • wlc
  • wayland
  • xwayland
  • libcap
  • asciidoc
  • pcre
  • json-c
  • pango
  • cairo
  • gdk-pixbuf2 *
  • pam **
  • imagemagick (required for image capture with swaygrab)
  • ffmpeg (required for video capture with swaygrab)

*Only required for swaybar, swaybg, and swaylock

**Only required for swaylock

Run these commands:

mkdir build
cd build
sudo make install
sudo setcap cap_sys_ptrace=eip /usr/local/bin/sway

On systems without logind, you need to suid the sway binary:

sudo chmod a+s /usr/local/bin/sway


If you already use i3, then copy your i3 config to ~/.config/sway/config and it'll work out of the box. Otherwise, copy the sample configuration file to ~/.config/sway/config. It is usually located at /etc/sway/config. Run man 5 sway for information on the configuration.

My own dotfiles are available here if you want some inspiration, and definitely check out the wiki as well.


Instead of running startx, run sway. You can run sway from within X as well, which is useful for testing.